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  • How do I apply for a PTCL Connection in Buch Villas?
    Firstly, you need to get a NOC from the Buch Villas Office. NOC shall be issued as soon as the Development Charges fee (according to the Category of your Villa) is paid. Buch Villas Office will update PTCL about your clearance. Contact PTCL representative for PTCL Connection and apply in the office of PTCL. Obtain Connection from PTCL office.
  • How do I apply for WAPDA Meter?
    Please collect NOC (Free of Charge) from the Main office of Buch Villas. Apply to MEPCO along with NOC and other documents as per SOPs of WAPDA. Obtain meter connection for WAPDA.
  • How do I apply for LPG Cylinder?
    Call Buch Services Complaint Office and request the service. Pay the Security for Gas Cylinder to Buch Services. Buch Services Teams will establish the connection and install the Gas Cylinder. Call Buch Services whenever you need to refill the cylinder.
  • What should I do if I need to register a complaint?
    Please use the following link to register your complaint at the Complaint Management System (CMS):
  • I don't have a Complaint Management System (CMS) Login, what should I do?"
    To obtain your login details online please send us the following information at ​ Scanned copy of the Application Form of your booking. Scanned copy of your CNIC. Scanned Lease Agreement copy with your Tenant along with an Authority Letter to provide the login info to the tenant. (only required in case you have rented your villa). Please mention your Unit Number in the subject field of the email. ​ After receiving all information mentioned above, our office representative will make a phone call at your registered mobile number for verification purposes and after verification an email/WhatsApp will be sent to you for your login details.

Frequently Asked Questions

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