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"Buch Executive Villas" is a project of Captain Developers, a company manned by extremely competent and qualified individuals with tremendous experience to offer. Their financial credibility, business acumen and professional expertise together have earned them remarkable fame in the Housing industry even before the launch of the project.. Captain Developers provides a reliable combination of well reputed and dependable companies carrying a remarkable track record in the real estate realm. Their innovative designing, exclusive planning and visionary approach have established a new trend in the housing industry. Buch Executive Villas is an immaculate specimen of their professional expertise and craftsmanship.


I was born in Buch, a village within the suburbs of Multan, completed my studies at Government Emerson College of Multan. As fate had planned for me, I had to detach myself from my roots for the next four decades.

In these forty years of my life, I flew as an Airline pilot across the globe, where cities and towns were bursting with opulence, class, comforts and luxuries beyond belief. I saw modernization giving extravagance a completely new dimension. The living standards were inspiring for me. Coming back home after my retirement, I realized that although Multan had great historical monuments, breathtaking greenery and warm people, it also possesses remarkable potential to grow into a modern cosmopolitan city. The people take pride in their homes and appreciate finer things in life. But people cannot dream of living in luxury when they do not even have basics like security and electricity.

I dreamt of developing an ultra-modern city within the traditional city of Multan which would be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Buch Executive Villas would be secure, lavish and urban without losing its originality; my tribute to the city of shrines.

Yes! My Multan is one of the best places in the world and I shall persevere to make sure of that.

Noor Asghar Bucha.



This Housing Project is dedicated to the ever beloved and cherished memory of Malik Peer Bakhsh Bucha and his sons.


Who spent their life in social and humanitarians work and were the consistent source of motivation and inspiration for Bucha Family.


This is further dedicated to my father Malik Noor Muhammad Bucha, my mother and my wife Farasat.


May the Almighty grant their soul eternal peace in heaven. 


Noor Asghar Bucha

Chairman, Buch Executive Villas.

Buch Villas LOGO
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